Incoherents #2 by George Horner, $5, 68 pages, full color, comic book size

This is a fascinating and elegant art book from Horner, which feels, to the touch, like an old comic and reads like something else. “Incoherents is an artist book in the form of a comic book. Each page was originally torn out of a vintage (Golden & Silver Age) comic book and then painted in a redacting fashion, obscuring and abstracting text and images. I currently have over 600 pages completed. I selected 40 pages and had them printed back in a comic book–coming around full circle. The paper is newsprint, the same type of paper old comic books were printed on. Silly Putty will lift these images from the page, a true litmus test for old comic books! Frankenstein is on the cover (from an ad in a comic book) to represent bringing back to life old, "dead” comic book pages.“ - G. Horner