Lightning Snake by Jason T Miles. $15, 8 x 10, 52 pages, 2 color risograph published by Cold Cube Press.

Every now and then, someone publishes a book that I wish I had published. This is one of those---a perfect comic by Jason T Miles. JTM's work is very important to a generation of cartoonists, as it embraces the general idea of comics of all stripes, while driving unashamedly into the authors own personal thoughts/emotions/systems. JTM pushes his work to the point of breaking apart, but with every project, things level out into moments of---and this is an understatement---profound beauty. Again, JTM embraces comics: this particular work plays with the idea of a daily strip that has set concepts/characters (the lightning snake drifts along and encounters things, and often has a loving reaction to what is found). But this is not pastiche, this is not reference, this is not homage (and yet it doesn't shun any of that either!). Instead, this is emotion and experience revealed within the 'daily strips' confines. Like true poetry, you feel new emotions while reading these---JTM's crosshatching settle you in to a shadowy moment. Language of the heart comics, 100% recommended, essential. Do not sleep on this.