Mothers News, edited by Jacob Berendes. 15 selected issues. All issues printed on newsprint, between 2-6 pages, tabloid size. $20

Mothers News is a pretty big deal to us here at Domino. It's an inspiration for what we do, a physical news paper that covered underground culture in Providence, RI, but also served as a mouthpiece for the editors thoughts on day to day life. Both personal and involved in the community, the paper was a document of a time, place and person. I always thought of Mothers News as a utopian project that was also approachable, utopia with its feet on the ground.The paper was free, matching its righteous, but subtle, tone. 

We are selling packs of 15 issues, all of them essential and worth your time. If I personally was a customer to this site, this is the first thing I'd buy. Don't be crazy, if you're interested in the zines Domino curates, this is required reading.