Paper Rodeo #8, $50. Newsprint, tabloid size, black and white. 12 pages. PLEASE NOTE: None of our for sale copies of Paper Rodeo are in mint condition. They are all readable and without tears, but show visible age. 

A legendary publication that is much more beautiful than the legend itself can do justice to. Originally distributed for free in Prvodience, RI, this publication featured the work of Matt Brinkman, Leif Goldberg, Brian Chippendale, CF, Ben Jones and many many more. What I've always found most remarkable about every issue is how ambitiously creative every single page was, while also being, for the most part, anonymous. Most of the incredible images are not credited to anyone at all.  This zine didn't have any agenda besides its own vision, and that vision had a lot to do with drawing. Probably the closest comics have ever come to returning to the early century promise of Herriman and Feininger's view of what the medium could do. Beyond recommended, see it to believe it.