I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #2 by Annie Murphy. $5. 40+ pages, black and white, digest size.

This is an incredible series by Annie Murphy, an artist who has quietly maintained one of the most consistent and challenging styles in comics today. Each new project from Murphy is an event to me, as her work feels like something that should have existed already but hasn't been properly articulated until I'm confronted with it. 'I've Never Promised You...' is perhaps her best work yet, a personal and political history of Portland, told through the lives of mainstream and underground figures, from the arts and from the dregs of backward thinking political movements.  Murphy doesn't spare the complex but also doesn't reduce anyone to a simple figure...the worst actors in the narrative are treated as humans. The drawings are washy and casual yet unforgettable as the details of Portland's complicated past that murphy wants to communicate seep out, full of the upmost importance.