Santo Shoes by Marlene Frontera

$10, full color, 56 pages, 6 x 4. Published by Sonatina Books

This is an incredible book by one of our favorite artists at Domino. Frontera is a New York based painter/collage maker---but she collages source material she draws/paints herself, cannibalizing her own images into canvases and then painting over them and reworking them. When viewed in galleries, the work is meant to be seen together in clusters---almost as another level of collage. Improvised marks stand next to labored over figures, and then again next to cut out, lightly colored paper. But Frontera's work is purposeful, with each canvas organizing itself into a thrilling whole. Nothing is arbitrary in this work. Sonatina Books has done a heroic job of presenting this hard-to-do-justice-to-in-print work into an art book, which is organized around the theme of St. Francis. A beautiful book, well worth your time and attention.