The Story of Bern by Dorothy Iannone, $55. 70 pages, softcover.

Any new publication of Iannone's work should be a landmark event in the comics world. Iannone is one of the most important artists to make stories through picture making, but she is rarely spoken of within the 'comics' community. I've long felt that for every article about Jack Kirby in comics publications, there should be six about Iannone. That day may never come, BUT Iannone's work is being published with care and dignity outside of the comics world. This particular book is perhaps the most exciting yet: a superbly produced facsimilie of  a book Iannone and her partner (the artist Dieter Roth) self published in 1970 in an edition of 500. It deals with issues of censorship surrounding her previous work The (Ta)Rot Pack. If you've never read Iannone before, you're missing out on a tone and style of storytelling that ahs never been replicated. Essential for anyone interested in what comics can do.