Witzend 6 edited by Wally Wood. $50, magazine size,40 pages,  two color cover, black and white interiors. Published by Ed Glasser, 1967

Always a pleasure to see one of these in the wild, one of the first 'underground' comics, although created in a world cloistered from the scene that we think of as underground proper. Wally Wood needs no introduction, one of the most beloved (especially by the person writing this sentence) artist to ever work in comics. Wood, in my opinion, was worked to the bone by the mainstream comics industry...Witzend was a brief escape attempt, a self published anthology allowing artist that he admired to make whatever comics they wanted to. The only thing stopping Witzend from thriving more was that the artists who made work for it always needed to spend time earning a living working for the bigger publishers rather than forging ahead with Witzend. But...the work that is seen within is a true joy, like seeing a blockbuster actor show what they can really do in a low budget sleeper hit. Wood is at the peak of his powers here, alongside a landmark story by Steve Ditko and much more. Fantagraphics has collected this work, the complete volume is out of print and the 'best of' doesn't give you the entire story. Vintage issues like this one are not to be passed over.