Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-79. $30, 389 pages, black and white, softcover, published by Primary Information.

This is an extremely important book for anyone who considers themselves interested in what the comic form can contain. The original Concrete Poetry anthology, edited by Emmett Williams, is a long out of print collectors item. What's more, that book (while documenting more of the Concrete Poetry movement than most any other \book) for the most part omitted the essential contributions of women. Concrete Poetry sought to revolutionize the poetry world with new forms of distribution that could exist outside the the largely male dominated form...because of this, the movement had an incredible array of seminal female made work, from all over the world. The original anthologies omission is finally corrected with this absolutely beautiful volume. 

Squares will say this isn't comics. To us, we see imagery and text arranged purposefully. Avoid this at your own risk!